Ben the Bee, Official Junior Bee Detective.
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Ben the Bee is from the town of Beely where he solves the town's mysteries and hunts down clues to solve any case that comes his way. Ben the Bee is helped by his close friends, Scooter and Daisy, and Daisy's pet flea, Spot. Visit Ben's town, Beely, and see for yourself why it is a "beautiful place to bee".

Ben the Bee is the main character of a series of colorful children's books that are mysteries everyone can enjoy - Check out his first children's book - "Case #142 - A Bee to Remember" which is available for purchase now! His second exciting mystery book is being worked on now. Also available on Ben's official site are a series of greeting cards inspired by great paintings, called "The Bee Master Series", these full-color notecards are a great gift. now has contributions from Ben's friends. Help Daisy choose which clothes to wear by visiting Daisy's Closet. Read all of Scooter's latest movie reviews and see if he agrees with Ben that the greatest movie ever is "Superbee" (Ben's favorite comic book hero).